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Why Become a Member of Team175 and National Wealth Center?

The Power of Being a Part of TEAM175

I formed TEAM175 becasue after 25 years in the industry I was tired of not seeing people make real money from home. 

All members of TEAM175 understand the POWER of everyone at the 175 Level in National Wealth Center and the HUGE residual incomes that can be created in record time. 

We say "so long" to wimpy pay-plans and only those at the top earning all the money.  

Our goal here at TEAM175  is to help as many people as possible create a  $1000 to $3000 per month RESIDUAL income in less than 90 days, $5000 per month in 6 months or less and serious LIFE CHANGING residual income in 12 months or less. 

A Team of JUST 6 people will put over $1000 per month in your pocket.

A team of 17 people is all it takes to earn over $3000 per month!

Just 58 people is over $10,000 per month and this could happen in the next 6 months or less!

Heck, what if it took a whole year to get to 10k per month?  (Think about that for a moment)

All Very doable and with no hype due to the POWER of the National Wealth Center Pay plan and being a part of the TEAM175  plan of action. 

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HUGE Residual Incomes in RECORD Tme With TEAM175

Here is your chance to create Job replacement income or a retirement income in the next 6 months or less. 

All you need to do is find 4 like minded people using our very powerful marketing methods we provide you. That's it!  

Plus, you get to offer them the same benefits of being a part of TEAM175 just like you! 

Locate 4 like minded people in the next 30 days and this process duplicates through your team over the next 6 months and YOU my friend are looking at over $19,000 per month in residual income. 

Take a full 60 days to find your 4 and this duplicates through your team over the next 6 months and you're still pulling in close to $3000 PER MONTH! 


Duplicate the process of everyone taking 60 Days to find their 4 and  duplicate this  through your team over the next 12 months and you are now pulling in OVER $22,000 PER MONTH! 

PS - Can you find me a more cost effective and faster way to get to this kind of money? 

 It does not exist except here at National Wealth Center and TEAM175!  

Benefits Of Being A Member of TEAM175

1. Everyone is at the 175 level creating HUGE Residual incomes FAST for YOU and all other members of TEAM175!

2.  $100 of your $175 received is spent on marketing for YOU to help you get your first person so you break even fast!

3.  Additional Marketing at no cost to you provided by TEAM175 leadership to

assist team.  Actual $175 sign ups are given out to TEAM175 members!!

4. Members of TEAM175 are entered into a monthly drawing for prizes such as Big Screen TV's, Laptop, Stereo systems, cash, gift cards and much more!

5.  Cash Bonuses for most sign ups. YUP! Cash bonuses for Top 3 members of TEAM175 with the most sign ups each month! 

6. Unlimited FREE VACATIONS for all members of TEAM175!!  

You heard it right!  We have formed a special relationship with a major travel company and its only available to you as a member of TEAM175!

7.  TEAM175 staff will follow up with all your leads via phone, text and email inviting them to join YOU in National Wealth Center and TEAM175! 

8. TEAM175 conducts weekly LIVE conference calls for your guests to learn about all  the benefits of joining National Wealth Center and TEAM175.    


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